SC Permits Chandrababu for Political Activities

A pivotal hearing took place in the Supreme Court today regarding a petition filed by the Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (AP CID), aiming to revoke the bail granted to TDP (Telugu Desam Party) chief Chandrababu in the skill development case.

The Supreme Court has served a notice to Chandrababu, requiring him to submit a counter by December 8. Until further investigation unfolds, Chandrababu has been advised to refrain from discussing the case’s details. However, the Supreme Court explicitly stated that he is permitted to engage in rallies and political activities.

The AP CID lodged a petition in the Supreme Court seeking the annulment of the general bail, which had been sanctioned by the AP High Court on the 20th of the same month. The AP High Court justified the grant of full bail to Chandrababu by asserting that the CID failed to present any evidence linking him to corruption in the skill development case or the diversion of funds to TEDP (Technology-enabled Development Programme) accounts. Disputing this decision, the AP CID filed a petition in the Supreme Court on the 21st of November.