Guntur MP: Galla Out – Ambati In?

Over the past few months, Rayudu has been making political announcements and aligning himself with the YSRCP, led by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. Notably, he has praised the YSRCP government and made public appearances with Jagan on multiple occasions, indicating his alignment with the ruling party’s politics.

Recent statements from Ambati Rayudu underscore his admiration for the YSRCP, emphasizing the party’s commitment to fulfilling its promises. These developments fuel speculation that Rayudu might soon venture into active politics. The key question in this evolving scenario is the constituency from which Ambati Rayudu might choose to contest. There is a prevailing campaign suggesting that he is considering running for Member of Parliament from Guntur.

Sources suggest that Ambati Rayudu has received a favorable response from the YSRCP leadership regarding his potential candidacy from Guntur. Notably, the Guntur Parliament seat has historically leaned towards the YSRCP, with victories in both the 2014 and 2019 elections. Galla Jayadev, representing the TDP, secured wins in the past two elections. However, it is speculated that Jayadev may not participate in the upcoming competition, with Alapathi Rajendra Prasad, a former MLA and Minister from Tenali, potentially taking his place.

The Guntur MP seat is politically significant and has traditionally seen robust competition. Despite being a stronghold, recent developments, such as the alliance between the Jana Sena and the TDP, add an interesting dimension to the political landscape. The YSRCP’s reported efforts to field Ambati Rayudu in the contest signal a strategic shift in their approach for the upcoming elections, potentially altering the dynamics of this closely watched constituency.