Congress Gets Key Support In Last Minute!

With the impending commencement of polling within the next 24 hours, the Congress party is buoyed by a significant boost in support from the Mazdoor Union, considered the most robust among the employment and labor unions within the RTC (Road Transport Corporation). The Mazdoor Union, boasting a substantial membership base comprising thousands, has officially thrown its support behind the Congress, as announced by Union President Aswatthamar Reddy. This decision, arrived at through thorough discussions at all levels of the union, marks a positive development for the Congress party.

During discussions with senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, Reddy conveyed that not only the union members but also their family members express a desire to rally behind the Congress. Jairam Ramesh shared this endorsement with the media. The backing of the Mazdoor Union, with its substantial membership, stands out as a significant advantage for the Congress. The union’s decision to align with the Congress is attributed to its perceived detachment from the leadership of KCR.

Historically, during RTC union strikes addressing their grievances, KCR’s response was perceived as dismissive. Adding to the discontent, Ashwathama Reddy, serving as the union president, faced challenges from the government during his tenure. Despite previously enjoying certain privileges, he was later reassigned to the role of a driver by the government, disrupting the traditional practice where leaders in union positions refrain from undertaking regular duties. This shift in approach by the government, instigated by KCR, drew frustration from union leaders, including Reddy.

Many union leaders, including Reddy, harbored resentment towards the government for an extended period, and with elections on the horizon, they have chosen to throw their weight behind the Congress. It remains to be seen how this newfound support from the Mazdoor Union, known for its substantial membership and historical influence, will translate into electoral gains for the Congress.