Why Did TDP’s Die-Hard Supporter Turn Critic?

TDP has garnered support from numerous intellectuals and analysts, with many vocally endorsing TDP and Chandrababu on TV debates and various social media platforms. Among these voices was Jada Sravan Kumar, a lawyer by profession, who actively shared opinions on various political topics related to Andhra Pradesh.

However, to the surprise of many, Advocate Sravan has recently executed a significant volte-face. He has taken a complete U-turn and begun criticizing Chandrababu and TDP. Sravan Kumar acknowledged his immense respect for Chandrababu but emphasized that he is critically addressing issues that he finds disagreeable. He claims to be objectively criticizing TDP and Naidu based solely on specific issues. Currently, Sravan is sharply criticizing TDP on matters such as Amaravati’s agricultural lands and various other issues.

This unexpected shift has caught TDP leaders off-guard, while YSRCP supporters welcome Sravan’s criticism. The TDP cadre is bewildered by this development. There are rumors suggesting that Sravan strongly desires to contest the upcoming elections through his ‘Jai Bheem Bharat party’ with the support of TDP and Janasena, but which is reportedly not accepted by TDP, adding another layer of intrigue to Sravan’s sudden change of allegiance.

As the Telangana Assembly polls conclude, the stage is set for the drama of AP elections to unfold. It seems that Jada Sravan shifting his loyalties is one of the opening acts in this political theater.