AP & TS Police Clash, What’s Going On Poll Day?

Tension escalated at Nagarjunasagar as the Andhra Pradesh police allegedly entered the dam illegally, erecting a barbed wire fence after midnight on Wednesday. Approximately 500 police personnel, led by top officials of the AP Police Department, claimed authority over half of the 26 gates of the Sagar project, up to the 13th gate. The AP police clashed with dam Security Personnel Force (SPF), destroying mobile phones and CCTV cameras. Subsequently, they reached the 13th gate, installed a barbed wire fence, and took control of the dam.

Upon receiving the information, Miryalaguda DSP Venkatagiri engaged with the AP police at the dam, addressing the water drainage-related maintenance issue. The AP police were advised by Telangana officials to remove the barbed wire fence. However, in the absence of a response, the Telangana officials retreated with their staff. The Krishna River Management Board had entrusted the management of Nagarjuna Sagar to the Telangana government during the bifurcation of the state. Until now, Telangana had implemented various measures concerning water release and safety.

In addition to the escalating tensions, opposition parties criticized the clash between the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana police, asserting that it is a strategy by the BRS government on the polling day. They argue that this clash could emotionally impact polling in favor of the BRS, creating a potential advantage in the elections.