Vamsi’s ‘Mega’ Advice To Amaravati Farmers

Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi’s comments have become a subject of discussion in political circles. Vamsi offered a free advice to the protesting farmers of Amaravati region who have been protesting against capital shifting for over 270 days. Vamsi asked Amaravati farmers to give up their legal battle and asked to hold talks with the state government. Stating that Amaravati as capital is “not possible”, he asked farmers to give up hope and asked them to look for alternatives.

Vamsi said the government has no funds to build a huge capital city with 1 lakh crore capital. He said farmers should not have false hope that their lands rates would increase if capital comes to Amaravati. Meanwhile, Vamsi has proposed a Mega Township in Amaravati. He said if farmers agree for this, he would move this proposal to CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He said he would take the responsibility of convincing Chief Minister on a Mega Township. Vamsi said the land rates of Amaravati farmers would also “increase” with the Mega Township. This is not all. Vamsi further stated that he would convince the government to give plots to the farmers who gave their lands for the expansion of Gannavaram Airport.

Vamsi is neither the minister nor the MLA of the ruling party. While he is defiant of TDP, he is maintaining close relation to YSRCP. But in what capacity, Vamsi assured Amaravati farmers is the question on many lips. Meanwhile, protesting farmers are fuming over Vamsi’s proposal to step back in legal fight.

Earlier, ministers Kodali Nani, Perni Nani, Botsa Satyanaryana had asked farmers to come for talks. But farmers have out rightly rejected it and moved the court over the government’s decision. So, what made Vamsi to propose this idea is baffling many.