Jogaiah Writes Straightforward Letter To Pawan Kalyan

Hari Rama Jogaiah is one of the well-respected Kapu community veterans. He is one of the pioneers of the community and Pawan Kalyan also acknowledged this fact multiple times in the past. Unlike Mudragada, who is taking YCP wagon, Jogaiah operates independently and thus commands more respect and credibility.

Jogaiah has now written a straightforward and fierce open letter to Pawan Kalyan. This is directly in relation to the recent statement from Nara Lokesh where he said there is no proposal of power-sharing in the TDP-JSP alliance and clearly confirmed that Chandrababu is the chief minister candidate.

Jogaiah questioned Pawan if he is fully in approval of Lokesh’s proposal of having Chandrababu as the full-time CM option for the entire tenure. He asked Pawan to answer Janasainiks who want to see him as a man who fights for the backward people by standing as CM candidate, but are having to see him in a submissive position now.

This letter comes right after Lokesh’s comment that Chandrababu is the only CM candidate for the alliance and added that Pawan is also in approval of it. Jogaiah has asked Pawan simple yet straightforward questions so it has to be seen what sort of a response JSP boss will have to this. These are the questions that are running in the minds of Janasainiks as well, so some clarity from Pawan is needed now.