TDP-Janasena-BJP Alliance: What Is YCP’s Reaction?

Telugu Desam Party’s head Chandrababu Naidu landed in Delhi this evening to discuss the seat-sharing aspect of the Telugu Desa – Janasena – BJP alliance. He will be meeting BJP’s bosses in Delhi today and tomorrow to decide on the number of seats to be shared internally among the alliance parties.

As this triangular alliance nears materialization, the ruling party YSR Congress has started its attack on the alliance through Perni Nani.

Perni Nani questioned the need for the triangular alliance in Andhra Pradesh. ‘Before Chandrababu finalizes the alliance, he should reveal to the public why he left NDA and spoke badly about Modi before the 2019 elections. He should clarify what changed in 5 years and why he is trying to get back with the same BJP in 2024. Janasena’s Pawan Kalyan should explain his 2019 statement on BJP giving rotten laddus to AP and forgetting this and going back to BJP again now. Why are these three parties collaborating again in 2024 after breaking apart in 2019?

Nani went on to question ‘All these opposition parties cry foul on YSR Congress by saying our party is an anti-public organization and the voters are completely against us. Then what is the reason for them to unite against one single YSR Congress Party?’.