‘Dabbu Karchu Pettalsindey’ Pawan Votes Money Politics

It is not a secret that contemporary elections are heavily influenced by money and other related means. In the case of Janasena which was proudly launched with zero-money politics notion, Pawan Kalyan has also understood that it is impossible to run an election campaign without financial resources.

Pawan spoke with JSP leaders today and he pointed out that there is a need to spend money in the current-day political scenario.

“Consider this as my message to all the leaders. You must definitely spend money during the election campaign. I won’t say you should buy the votes with money or that you should not, that is up to you to decide. But my message is that you all should work hard” Pawan Kalyan said.

This statement from Pawan Kalyan can come as a surprise to those who believe in zero-money politics but what Pawan said is close to reality and what is done by all major parties in India. It is just that Pawan Kalyan is not expected to make this comment publicly, remarked a political observer.