‘No Use Of Alliance If Janasena Doesn’t Get 40 Tickets’

An important leg of the TDP-Janasena alliance has been completed today with the announcement of the maiden list of MLA candidates. It was announced that Janasena will be given 24 MLA tickets and 3 MP tickets and Pawan Kalyan mentioned that it is important to win the most number of seats in the given bracket rather than contesting in more seats for the sake of it.

However, the latest comment from Janasena spokesman Bolisetty Satyanarayana shows that JSP supporters are not pleased with the seat distribution.

‘Janasena should get not less than 40 MLA seats in the alliance. If this number isn’t met, then the main purpose of the alliance, vote transfer will not happen. This is not my personal opinion but the verdict of the majority of the Janasena supporters, I am just presenting it in front of the media as the general secretary of the party.’ Satyanarayana said in a media debate today.

While Pawan Kalyan noted that it is not important to get more seats and the main purpose is to uproot the Jagan government through the alliance, the comment from the party general secretary has a different tone. Will Janasena continue to push for more seats to reach its target of 40 MLA tickets in the next list announcement? We will know the answer in a few days.