TDP-JSP List Prompts Jagan To Do Another Survey?

Y S Jagan

CM Jagan Mohan Reddy has been heavily reliant on survey reports when it comes to finalizing his party candidates for the MLA and MP elections. But just when everyone thought Jagan is done with these surveys as he has locked the candidates for most of the constituencies, new media reports say that he is reviving this survey strategy again.

Reportedly, Jagan has commissioned another survey to evaluate the winning chances of the YCP candidates based on the first list announced by the Telugu Desam and Janasena alliance.

While the initial surveys were generic ones to pick out the best available YCP candidates, the new survey that Jagan has commissioned will be an analytical one and it will compare YCP’s candidates with the candidates announced by TDP-JSP.

According to media reports, Jagan might even call for changes in the candidacies based on this new survey. So this could mean that the standing YCP in-charges of certain constituencies could be changed based on the new survey results that Jagan has asked for. It can be said that the TDP-JSP list has not just affected the alliance ecosystem but also the YCP top leadership.