Vizag Floating Bridge Breaks: Officials Release CCTV Footage

As a part of the beautification of the famous RK Beach in Vizag, the YCP government assembled a floating bridge with a length of 100 meters. This plastic bridge allows visitors to go 100 meters into the ocean as the mechanism is designed in such a way that the bridge withstands the waves and provides a safe passage to the visitors.

But shockingly, this floating bridge collapsed and broke apart just a day after it was launched amidst much fanfare and media publicity. The bridge broke into pieces while the people were watching it from ashore. Luckily no one was on the bridge during the incident.

This incident then became a topic of discussion on social platforms and it invited trolls from many who are amused by the floating bridge breaking apart less than 24 hours after it was grandly launched. The videos of the bridge breaking apart were shared with satirical captions.

Later, the officials stated that this breakage is a planned measure to test the feasibility of the bridge. The officials released the footage and the time stamp proving it as a planned move.

The bridge was inaugurated by YV Subba Reddy and Gudivada Amarnath on Sunday and it broke into 3 pieces on Monday. The officials said this is a mock drill and further measures are underway now.