Pawan Kalyan Selling His Properties In Hyderabad?

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan recently donated 10 crore rupees from his earnings for the welfare of Janasena party. Not only that, he donated a large amount of money to the families of army martyrs and farmers. While the ‘package’ comments on Pawan Kalyan are not stopping anywhere, the Janasenani seems to be not in a mood to care then anymore.

If the latest reports are to be believed, Pawan Kalyan is selling his own properties in Hyderabad ahead of the elections. In his recent speech, Pawan Kalyan openly stated that winning is nearly impossible without spending money in the election. In the wake of that statement, the actor-politician is heard to be selling his expensive lands in Hyderabad.

It is being speculated that Pawan Kalyan already sold one of his lands and is contemplating selling two more of his properties. It is common practise for most politicians to make money in politics, this other way round nature of Pawan Kalyan for the sake of the people and the party is surprising the party supporters also.

Amid the seat-sharing chaos among the Janasena cadre, this news of Pawan Kalyan’s selfless move is making the Janasena cadre emotional. The Janasena supporters on social media are pleading with the upset cadre to think twice before criticizing Pawan Kalyan.