Rahul to Contest Elections From Telangana?

Telangana PCC is keen on persuading Sonia Gandhi’s family to contest from Telangana.

Initially, the PCC chief and his supporters tried requesting Sonia Gandhi to contest from Khammam. Later, they proposed that her daughter Priyanka Gandhi should contest from Telangana and now, they met Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and invited him to file his papers from either Khammam or Bhongir in Nalgonda district.

It is learnt that they even assured him of victory, from wherever he contested in Nalgonda district.

In the past, PCC chief Revanth Reddy and Co. even passed a resolution requesting Sonia Gandhi to enter the fray from Khammam Parliamentary constituency. The AICC leaders also examined the resolution but turned it down owing to Sonia Gandhi’s illness. She decided to stay away from active politics and hence, stepped away from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh, from where she usually contested during every elections.

With Sonia Gandhi staying away from Amethi, the AICC leaders decided that Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi would fill the vacancy.

On knowing that Sonia Gandhi would stay away from the elections, PCC leaders in Telangana immediately proposed the name of Priyanka Gandhi but learning that she would focus on contesting from Amethi, they remained silent.

Suddenly, there is a commotion in the Telangana PCC with a proposal that Rahul Gandhi should contest from the state.

Rahul Gandhi had represented Wayanad in Kerala during the last general elections. But, this time, Congress ally CPI has proposed the name of CPI general secretary D. Raja wife Annie Raja’s name, which clearly indicates that Rahul would not contest from Kerala.

With Rahul Gandhi not to contest either from Amethi or from Wayanad, the Telangana leaders have invited him to file his nomination papers from their state.

It has to be seen how Rahul would respond to the invitation.