Viral: Pawan Kalyan and Balakrishna’s Mass Treat To Fans

Pawan Kalyan and Nandamuri Balakrishna are two of the star campaigners for the Telugu Desam and Janasena alliance and they shared the stage at huge political meeting in Tadepalligudem today. The sight of Pawan and Balakrishna standing together itself is a treat to the eye for mutual followers and those who support the TDP-Janasena alliance, but the two stalwarts served something more today.

While Balakrishna got to the center of the dias to start his speech, Pawan Kalyan took the initiative of visually demonstrating the harmony of the alliance. Pawan got up from his chair, came towards Balakrishna, and stood beside him to pose for the scores of followers of the alliance who attended the meeting. This sight drew a massive cheer from the crowd, as expected.

Balakrishna reacted very positively to this incident and he too energetically waved at the public along with Pawan. He later thanked Pawan for the thoughtful act that energized the crowds and now stands as one of the most interesting tidbits from today’s public meeting.