Mega Lady Coming To Campaign For Pawan Kalyan

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela is on the verge of doing something very interesting as she announced that she will come out to campaign for her Babai Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena in Andhra Pradesh. This will be her second political stint after she campaigned for her father Nagababu in Narsapuram in 2019.

Niharika said she resonated with the plight of farmers and the common public when she campaigned for Janasena in the 2019 election campaign and added that she wants to do the same thing this year again.

‘Our support will always be there for Babai(Pawan). I lent my best possible support to him in 2019 and I will repeat the same thing this year. I will go out and campaign for Babai.’ Niharika stated in her latest media interaction. She noted that she has her voter card is also registered in Andhra Pradesh.

After Varun Tej, his sister Niharika has revealed that she’s ready to pick up the baton for Janasena. One of the top priorities for this brother-sister duo could be to campaign for their father Nagababu who is likely to contest from Anakapalle parliament constituency.