Veerappan’s Daughter To Get Mp Ticket?

Contrary to the ‘like father like daughter’ credo, notorious sandalwood smuggler Veerappan’s daughter Vidya Rani has undergone a major transformation to be accepted and included in the society.

The BJP is likely to issue MP ticket to Rani from Tamil Nadu in the upcoming general elections.

Though hailing from a family which faced banishment due to her father’s grave crimes which included poaching, domestic terrorism apart from smuggling, Rani tread a new path for herself and became a social activist.

By turning into a politician from a practicing advocate, Rani travelled a long way which is proving to be an inspiration to many in the society.

In a bid to shed the negative image associated with her family, Rani even established a school for the poor in Mysuru.

Rani saw her father the last time when she was six-year-old. Branded as a family involved in criminal and anti-social activities, Veerappan’s family confronted humiliation and insult.

After Veerappan’s death in an encounter, the family got close to their relatives but it did not last long. Then his family members had to go into exile. The entertainment industry and political leaders tried to cash in on the negative shades of Veerappan’s life by making several short films and documentaries on him which compounded the family’s problem.

However, Vidya Rani put in all efforts to ensure that she remain unblemished in the race.

Veerappan’s wife Muthu Lakshmi was offered an MLA ticket once and she even appealed for pardon to her criminal husband.

After Veerappan’s death in the encounter, his family faced discrimination and Vidya Rani withstood all the humiliation to change the image. She pursued law and became an advocate.

In 2020, she joined the BJP and was appointed as the Tamil Nadu state vice-president of BC Morcha. Though she did not contest in the 2021 Assembly elections, she would enter the fray during the general elections.