#VivekaMurder: Sajjala Expressed Doubts on Sunitha!

This morning, YS Sunitha, or Sunitha Narreddy, as she prefers to be called, debriefed the media about the incidents related to the murder of her father YS Vivekananda Reddy, and the investigation that followed. She claimed that the YS family members are involved with the murder of Viveka and urged the public not to vote for Jagna’s party which nurtures murderers and conspirers.

YSR Congress spokesman Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy quickly refuted the media statements of Sunitha Reddy and in return, he said he has doubts about Sunitha’s family’s involvement in the murder case.

Sajjala pointed out that Viveka’s driver Dastagiri admitted to hacking him to death but Sunitha is still on good terms with him and sees him like a brother. “The CBI statements and prima facia evidence are clear. How can the main accused in the case become an approver(Dastagiri)? We have doubts that Sunitha’s family might be involved with the murder. The investigation must focus on that family also”.

After Sunitha emotionally came out and vented out at Jagan and Avinash Reddy for not cooperating with the investigation on Viveka’s murder case, YCP’s Sajjala made a cross allegation that Sunitha’s own family might be behind the murder. The twists and turns in this saga are amusing the Telugu states public to no end.