Pawan Completely Depends On Kapu Voters?


Elections are fast approaching yet the suspense over the constituency from which Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan would contest continues.

Suddenly, the speculation that he would prefer Pithapuram constituency has gained momentum. There was talk about Pithapuram earlier too but slowly it fizzled out.

Initially, Pawan said that he would pick Bhimavaram but after asking former MLA Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu to contest from Bhimavaram, it was clear that he had dropped the idea.

Meanwhile, Jana Sainiks said that the Pithapuram constituency came into the picture because the Jana Sena chief got two surveys conducted in the constituency to assess his winning chances.

The major reason behind preferring Pithapuram is the presence of a higher number of Kapu population in the constituency.

Of the total 2.5 lakh voters in Pithapuram constituency, 60,000 are Kapus.

The survey revealed that if all the Kapus and people of other castes vote to Pawan Kalyan, then he would definitely win the polls.

In the twin Godavari districts, Kapus and BCs had been at loggerheads since long. Similarly, Kapus and SCs also are not amicable with each other.

The entire society has been divided on caste lines. Now, will the electorate rise above caste boundaries and vote for the Jana Senani?