Shocking: Blade Batch Attack On Pawan Kalyan?

On multiple occasions in the past, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan alleged anti-social conspiracies against him by the ruling party YSR Congress. This time, he made a very serious allegation as he revealed that a certain designated batch of miscreants had been attacking him and his security team with blades.

Pawan revealed that a few anti-social forces are carrying fine blades and are slicing him and his security team while in public.

Pawan said ‘This incident happened here recently also. When there is a huge public turnout to our meetings, these anti-social miscreants come with fine blades in the guise of the common public and slice me and my security team. That is why I have to follow security protocols to limit the damage due to such incidents.

The JSP supremo alleged the ruling party’s hand in such inhumane activities and called for better safety protocols in his upcoming election campaigns.

Pawan Kalyan usually travels with an elevated security fleet and he has been repeatedly alleging anti-social conspiracies against him. But it is shocking to see an opposition party leader being attacked by blades.