Lokesh Should Be More Cautious With ‘Z’ Security?

TDP scion and former minister Nara Lokesh has been provided Z category security by the Centre. Henceforth, there will be four gunmen brandishing AK-47 rifles whenever he steps out of his house. In addition, he will also have his usual Y category security cover provided by the YCP government. The elevation in security is being hailed by his supporters while a few others are apprehensive that it would be detrimental for him.

There is a political debate on the benefits it would provide to Lokesh. At this point, some of Lokesh’s followers are reminding about an interesting incident involving YCP boss and Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy in 2012.

At that time, Jagan was leading Odarpu Yatra and condoling the families affected by his father YSR’s sudden demise. At that time, one of the YCP followers filed a petition in the court urging it to issue directives to the Centre to provide ‘Z category security’ as he was the son of a former CM and also hailing from a faction-ridden region. The court also agreed with the argument and directed the Centre to provide improved security to Jagan.

Accordingly, the Centre too came forward and agreed to provide Z category security but Jagan refused to this proposal. He argued that people will take care of his security and the Centre also withdrew its proposal.

This helped Jagan mingle with the people which catapulted him into prominence in a very short period and he was voted to power.

Cut the scene and a decade later, Lokesh is not facing any threat to his life. Neither is he facing any Maoist threat. The YCP government is already providing him Y category security as he is the son of a former CM. By heightening the security to Z category, Lokesh is likely to get delineated from the public as commoners would not be allowed to speak to him.

Unless Lokesh himself asks the security personnel to allow some person, none will be allowed to meet him. He will be highly protected in several layers of security, akin to the main deity in a temple, which will automatically detach him from the public. For a young leader supposed to know the ropes in politics, the increased security is likely to do more harm than good.