‘Reality Is Much Worse Than ‘Vivekam’!

For those who don’t already know, a film titled ‘Vivekam’ based on the gruesome murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy was released on YouTube recently. This film covers the series of events leading to the murder and YSR Congress leaders have complained to the EC against it by saying this film shows Jagan, Bharathi, and Avinash as the culprits in the Viveka murder case.

In more interesting news, YS Sunitha, the main victim of the Viveka saga herself has commented on the film. Sunitha said she watched the film and is taken aback by the detailing and presentation. ‘I don’t know it can be called a documentary or a film. However, the individuals behind the making of this film presented the gruesome incident in a raw and real manner. They fearlessly showcased the real series of events. But the brutality shown in the film is lesser than what really happened. The real-life incidents leading to my father’s murder were much worse.’

Suntiha said she too was scared and mostly closed her eyes for the last 30 minutes of the film out of gore and agony.

While there are comments that the film, in itself shows the gruesome murder of Viveka in a brutal manner, Sunitha saying that the reality is much worse is shocking the viewers as people are wondering how much more ghastly the real incidents should have been. This comment coming from Viveka’s own daughter is amusing to many people.