Last Day Of Silent PM’s Political Career


Ninetyone-year-old Manmohan Singh, who is known as the Silent PM, will quit politics on Wednesday (April 3). Singh’s 33-year-old political career would come to an end today.

Despite being an unblemished PM even after holding the position for a full decade, his exit goes unnoticed.

AICC former president Sonia Gandhi had relied heavily on Singh during his tenure as the PM but his exit remains ignored.

Politics is one area where many unexpected developments happen on a daily basis. While a few never rise to prominence despite relentless efforts, some others spring surprises catapulting to power within a few years of their entry.

An intellectual-cum-political leader, former PM Manmohan Singh, has been an MP for more than three decades.

He would retire on April 3 and there are no chances of him being re-elected as a Rajya Sabha MP. In addition to his increasing age, the Congress is also facing several hurdles in ascending to power at the Centre, which can be said to bring his political career to a logical conclusion.

However, he would be fondly remembered as the architect of Indian Economic Reforms. Singh played a pivtoal role when he served as the Union Finance Minister in PV Narasimha Rao’s government.

He entered the Rajya Sabha in October, 1991. From 2004 to 2014, he served the people as Prime Minister.

Though there is criticism that he remained as a ‘remote’ in Sonia Gandhi’s hand in running the UPA coalition, Singh tried to make the country tread the path of progress within his limits when he was the PM.

Singh was never vocal in expressing his thoughts and ideas. Though he did not raise his voice, he had been stubborn in implementing the economic reforms which he felt would certainly spur the nation’s growth. He did not deter in taking hard decisions when it concerned liberalising the nation’s economy.

Singh is one among the 54 MPs who would complete their tenure either on April 2 or 3.