Tarakaratna’s Family Thanks Vijayasai aka Bujji Babu

It has been over a year since the tragic and untimely passing of Nandamuri Taraka Ratna and the family is slowly recovering from the unassailable loss. On the occasion of Ugadi yesterday, the Taraka Ratna household received a timely festival treat and it came from YSR Congress senior leader Vijayasai Reddy.

It is known that the late Taraka Ratna’s wife Alekhya Reddy is the daughter of Vijayasai’s wife’s sister. Vijayasai was with the family even during the final procession of Taraka Ratna and assured the family of all possible support.

On the occasion of Ugadi yesterday, Vijayasai took some time off his busy election schedule to spend down with Taraka Ratna’s family. Alekhya took to social media to share the news and thank the senior politician for the thoughtful gesture.

“I count my uncle Vijayasai Reddy as a father figure, mentor and my rock. Despite being tied up with his busy election schedule, he came to spread love and warmth to our family on the occasion of Ugadi. This means a lot to me” Alekhya Reddy shared on her Instagram story. She fondly referred to Vijayasai as Bujji Babu and thanked him for being there with the family.