Pothina Exposes Himself And YCP At Same Time

Many of the outgoing YSR Congress leaders have all one thing in common to say and that is the demand from the party high command to abuse Chandrababu, Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan if they are to get the MLA/MP tickets. This scenario has unequivocally been proven in the case of Pothina Mahesh again.

At first, when Pothina Mahesh wasn’t given the Vijayawada MLA ticket by Janasena, there was sympathy for him. Even JSP supporters felt that a hardworking leader like Pothina leaving the party for not getting the deserved MLA ticket is not a good sign.

But this goodwill evaporated quickly after Pothina joined YSR Congress and started abusing Pawan Kalyan. He resorted to personal attack on Pawan and questioned why he didn’t bring his wife the recent housewarming ceremony in Pithapuram. Not stopping at that, he called Janasainiks Janda Coolies and “Sigguleni brathukulu” for taking package from Sujana Chowdary and supporting him in Vijayawada West.

Pothina resorting to personal attack on Pawan, the leader who gave him a political platform for the last 6 years and also abusing his fellow Janasainiks who were will him for a long time has not gone well. Pothina’s abusive attack immediately after joining YCP led to a comment that he exposed not just his real abusive nature but also the standing argument that YCP wants all its leaders to attack their opponents with personal remarks.