Sharmila Raises A Doubt On Jagan’s Stone Attack

Andhra Pradesh politics took a shocking new turn after the chief minister YS Jagan sustained a bloody injury to his eyebrow after a miscreant pelted a stone at him. Jagan’s own sister YS Sharmila has reacted on this matter now and apart from condemning the attack, Sharmila has raised a valid doubt. 

Sharmila took to social media to comment “It is sad and unfortunate that CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was attacked and sustained an injury above his left eye. We think that it was an accident. But if it wasn’t an accident and instead, a staged attack, and if it was done on purpose, everyone should definitely condemn it. Democracy has no place for violence. I am praying to God for Jagan’s speedy recovery.”

On one hand, Sharmila condemned the attack on Jagan and wished him a speedy recovery, she also raised a doubt as she suspected that this could have been a staged attack before the election. Jagan’s own sister, Sharmila raising a doubt about the nature of the incident just minutes after it happened is leading to more parallel discussions on this topic.