With Government Silent, Pawan hired 300 Troops for his Security


Speaking at a public forum earlier this month, Pawan Kalyan revealed that a designated blade batch has been physically attacking him with fine blades and needles. He spoke at length about this blade batch which operates with the agenda of hurting him and his security team and suspected the ruling party YSR Congress behind this. 

After Pawan made this shocking claim, it was expected that the AP home department would allocate an elevated security fleet for Pawan, but that hasn’t happened. 

Reportedly, while Pawan and Chandrababu were jointly holding a roadshow in Tadepalligudem, there was a tense momentum when thousands of crowds broke the barricades and approached the stalwarts. Allegedly, not more than 10 police officers were present on sight to control the situation, despite the obvious expectation that thousands of crowds would partake in the political meet. 

Despite the appeal from Pawan, the Government allegedly hasn’t taken any decisive measures to improve the security arrangement. Vexed by this, Pawan has reportedly hired 300 members for his private security fleet. Apart from that 100 Janasainiks have voluntarily taken up the job of securing Pawan during his public meetings. 

In view of the lack of security for one of the integral parts of the TDP+ alliance, Pawan Kalyan, his followers are now fuming at the BJP. The common comment from JSP activists is that the BJP should have made note of Pawan’s concern about his security and provided him with an adequate central security fleet Or at the very least, the BJP-led central government must have pressed the AP government to elevate the security for Pawan. But neither have happened and Pawan is having to hire a private security team for the job.