YCP Vs TDP Post-Election Violence: Karempudi CI Severely Injured

The physical altercations between YCP and TDP supporters continued on Tuesday also. The post-election violence erupted in several places in the state and the Palnadu district has seen extremes last night. 144 section has been imposed in Palnadu to stop political violence.

YCP activists attacked and damaged the vehicles of TDP supporters in Velpur in Savalyapuram mandal in Palnadu. In another incident in Karempudi in Palnadu district, a car was set on fire at a local TDP office. In the same incident, Karempudi CI Narayanaswamy was also attacked by the crowd when he tried to control the violence.

In Chittoor district’s Baireddypalli Mandal, TDP agents were allegedly attacked by the ruling party supporters.

Chandragiri TDP MLA candidate Pulavarthi Nani was attacked by the YCP supporters and the politician’s gunman was severely injured. It is alleged that Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy and his supporters have tried to attack Pulavarthi Nani with hammers and rods.