Polls: How Many Crores Seized In AP And TG?

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are done with their election campaigns. AP wrapped up the assembly and parliamentary polling this week while Telangana completed the parliamentary elections. But what about the banned items that were seized by the EC in the Telugu states?

In all of India, Rs 8889 crores were seized by the EC and the highest seizures happened in Gujarat(Rs 1461 Cr). 

Surprisingly, Andhra Pradesh which is billed to be one of the richest electoral states in all of India has seen just Rs 301 crores in seizures. Comparatively, Telangana has seen seizures worth Rs 333 crores.

But coming to the poll violence, Andhra Pradesh must be on top, considering the number of untoward incidents that happened in the state on the 13th of May. The impact of these incidents was such that the EC banned petrol stations in AP from filling petrol in bottles and plastic covers in order to prevent public riots.

The mentioned amount of seizures includes money, alcohol, drugs, gold, and silver ornaments which are all banned from electoral usage.