Buddha Venkanna Showing Swami Bhakti!

Telugu Desam Party cadres are resoundingly confident that the alliance is storming to power in Andhra Pradesh. The party top brass is also confidently claiming that they are forming the government along with BJP and JSP. While the government-oriented exercise is going on, there is a parallel commotion internally in TDP and this is regarding Nara Lokesh.

Buddha Venkanna, one of the fierce loyalists of TDP has demanded that Lokesh must be made TDP president soon. “The current president, Atchannaidu worked very well. He will be given a cabinet berth after the alliance forms the government. Then, Nara Lokesh must be made the TDP president.”

Venkanna said Lokesh’s leadership qualities have been steeply increasing over the last few years and they hit the peak point with the Yuvagalam Padayatra. He said TDP need not look back for the next 30 years once Lokesh is made the party president.

While it was always inevitable that Lokesh is the one to lead the party and take up the party presidency post, the fact that TDP has started the internal exercise for this operation so quickly could be a sign of a dynamic shift in the party.

Right from 2014, Lokesh has been operating as the back-end operator of TDP and he was the one coordinating with top-leaders and cadres while Naidu looked after the administrative works. With a decade-long experience up his sleeve, it is about time that Lokesh is made the TDP president. The same has been pointed out by Buddha Venkanna now and this commotion could snowball very soon.