Hot Rumor: Few YCP Leaders Betting On Kootami’s Win


There are many ground-level reports that the betting action that is going on in relation to the Andhra Pradesh election results is on par with IPL betting action. We are hearing new cases of interesting brackets that bettors are identifying to make money out of the AP electoral trends.

In one such interesting case, there is a hot rumor going around, saying that few YCP leaders invited heavily in the TDP+ alliance’s win.

According to this rumor, these leaders who belongs to ruling party has bet a whopping tens of crores on the TDP+ alliance coming to power in AP. They are trusting the alliance’s strength more than their own party’s strength, say reports.

It is heard that a MLA candidate too in the list, who is not sure about his own win in his assembly constituency this term but he essentially came to a conclusion that the TDP+ alliance is certainly coming to power. So, he reportedly wagered bet on the alliance, and he is even encouraging his close friends to bet on the alliance so that they too can make money.

Those who are coming to know about this trend are funnily commenting that these leaders is opting for damage control by betting on the TDP+ alliance so that he can at least make money if the alliance comes to power.

The similar incidents happened in 2019 elections where few TDP leaders involved in betting on favour of Jagan & YCP then, and TDP lose that elections but these TDP leaders makes lots of money by betting on YCP.