KTR Teases Congress With “BRU” Tax

BRS working president KTR has been aggressive about his approach against the incumbent Congress government in Telangana.

“We have all heard of BRU coffee and I too know it as a good coffee. But in Telangana, we having to deal with a new BRU. This BRU is not a coffee but instead a taxation bracket. This BRU stands for Bhatti Tax, Revanth Reddy tax, and Uttam Kumar Reddy tax,” KTR said as he alleged that the Congress government is looting the public’s money.

The BRS leader linked this to the “Free scooty bikes for females” scheme that was promised by the Congress. He said there is no funds for this scheme as Revanth, Bhatti, and Uttam are looting the public’s money at will.

KTR is still very agitated about the electoral result in Telangana. Yesterday, when certain BRS cadres shouted CM CM slogans at his political meeting, KTR reprimanded them by saying, “What’s the use of these slogans after we lost our CM chair.”