YCP Rajyasabha MP Supports Congress

R Krishnaiah

The Congress party has been in the bad books of Jagan Mohan Reddy for over a decade now. After splitting from the Congress, Jagan completely decimated the Congress camp in AP. Adding to Jagan’s existing fiery on Congress, Sharmila added fuel to fire by taking charge as the AP Congress president and in turn criticizing Jagan.

Amidst all the high drama, a YCP Rajya Sabha MP has gone on to pledge support for the Congress party in Telangana. The MP in question is R Krishnaiah, whom Jagan nominated as an RS MP in 2022 in an attempt to lure the BC voters.

When Jagan nominated Krishnaiah, a BC leader from Telangana to the RS, the intention was to appease the BC voters in AP. But this backfired as now, Krishnaiah has pledged complete support to the Congress party in the Graduate MLC election. He has strengthened the candidature of Chintapandu Naveen aka Teenmaar Mallanna who is contesting on Congress party.

At a time when Jagan is agitated by Congress and its new president Sharmila, YCP’s Rajyasabha MP openly supporting the Congress candidate would throw warm gasoline at a volcano. Will there be any disciplinary action on this? For now, Jagan is first focused on the electoral verdict of AP which will be out on the 4th of June.