‘Don’t Spare Celebrities In Drug Cases’ Revanth Orders

One of the principle reformative drives that CM Revanth Reddy proactively took up after the Congress formed the government is curbing the drugs supply and consumption in Telangana. He is leaving no stone unturned to enforce the aim of making Hyderabad a drug-free city.

In his latest review meeting on this matter, Revanth Reddy noted “Don’t spare anyone who is associated with drug peddling and consumption. Even if it is a celebrity or a public figure, don’t spare them. Form anti-drug teams if deemed necessary. The message should be so clear that people must be petrified by the thought of drugs”.

This speech from Revanth coincides with the Bengaluru rave party bust which is in the news now. He made it clear to the Narcotics Department that Telangana must be a drug-free state at all costs.

This comes after Telangana recently introduced drug tests to its plethora. Through these drug test kits, the police can identify if a person has consumed drugs or not in a matter of 10 minutes. This is a quick resolution to a process that earlier included collecting the samples from the subject, sending them to the lab, and then getting the reports. The proactive anti-drug stance of Revanth is to be appreciated by all.