11 Fortuners Ready For Chandrababu’s Convoy

Andhra Pradesh is seeing a resurgence of Chandrababu Naidu who is set to take charge as the CM of AP for the fourth time. The oath-taking ceremony is scheduled for the 12th of June and it is being keenly anticipated by TDP followers worldwide.

As the Andhra Pradesh government is preparing for the big day, the arrangements for Naidu’s tenure are being completed quickly.

The AP Intelligence Department has completed an important part of the security arrangements that are in place for Chandrababu. The Intelligence Wing has deployed 11 Fortuner cars for Chandrababu’s service.

All these cars have the registration number 393 and all of them come in black colour. They will be used for Chandrababu’s convoy starting from the day he takes charge as the CM of the state.

Additional security measures will be in place for Chandrababu, as compared to Jagan’s convoy as the Telugu Desam president has the added Z+ category security allotment.