1st Anna Canteen Re-opened For A Special Reason

One of the most welcomed mass outreach programs done by the previous Telugu Desam alliance government between 2014-19 was the Anna Canteen program. As a part of this program, the government set up dedicated canteens that would serve top-quality food to the needy at an extremely nominal price of Rs 5. However, the YSR Congress government scrapped this program immediately after coming to power.

Now that the Telugu Desam-led government is back in power, the famous Anna Canteen scheme has been revived. As a part of the resumption drive, the first Anna Canteen is reopened in Hindupur and there is a special reason behind this.

The other day, marking Nanamuri Balakrishna’s birthday, the Anna Canteen in his own constituency of Hindupur has been revived and opened to the public. It has started services today and food is being served to the common public at 5 Rs cost. Many more such canteens will be opened in AP in the next few months.

Anna Canteens were extremely helpful to the underprivileged population in Andhra Pradesh but the YCP government scrapped it, which led to a huge outrage. What’s good here is that TDP wasted no time in bringing back the glory days by reviving the Anna Canteen program.