‘Amaravati Is Our Only Capital’ Naidu’s Final Confirmation

As a part of the last-gasp formalities, Telugu Desam, Janasena, and BJP strengthened Chandrababu Naidu’s candidature for the Chief Minister post. He is set to take the oath as the CM of AP tomorrow and this is being keenly awaited by the supporters of the alliance.

Naidu briefly spoke about his plan of action at the legislative level meeting today and addressed the important topic pertaining to the capital of AP.

The TDP boss confidently confirmed that Amaravati is going to be the only capital of Andhra Pradesh while there will also be emphasis on developing Vizag as financial capital. “Amaravati is going to be our only capital city and there are no doubts on this. We will also develop Vizag adequately as financial capital. Kurnool will also receive special care and administration”.

With Naidu coming back to power, the real estate movement in Amaravati has started to pick up big time as there are reports that the prices of lands have nearly doubled since the alliance won the election. Both Chandrababu and Lokesh(earlier) have shut down the three capitals’ propaganda set by the outgoing YCP government and announced Amaravati is going to be the only capital.