Kodali Continues Loose Talk Despite Dhow-Cause Notice

Kodali Nani

AP minister Kodali Nani is infamous for his loose talk on oppositions. Ever since the row between the YSRCP government and AP SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh, on a number of occasions, Kodali stepped into the scene and blasted Nimmagadda. However, this was all when there was no election code.

With Panchayat elections in progress, Kodali is not keeping quiet either. This morning he did address the media and made some controversial remarks yet again on Nimmagadda. “SEC Nimmagadda is blind as he can’t see or hear the comments of Chandrababu Naidu. This shows he is biased and he along with Chandrababu should consult a doctor in Erragadda,” said Kodali.

These comments did not go down well with Nimmagadda and immediately show-cause notices were served to him. Reacting to these notices, Kodali defended himself. “I just made a suggestion to Nimmagadda. It is up to him whether to take my suggestion or just ignore it. I don’t think there is anything wrong in this in my opinion. I have been an MLA four times and I know the people’s pulse. People of AP know that Nimmagadda is acting in favour of the opposition, TDP,” said Kodali.

Further the AP minister questioned how come notices can be served for a piece of advice? “Will they hang me, if they are not satisfied with my reply? But I will not lodge any complaint against Nimmagadda with the privilege committee,” added Kodali and summed up.

Be it any situation Kodali speaks boldly and that’s what he is!