Death toll in the Turkey-Syria earthquake crosses 4300

Continuous earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are causing huge human and property damage. Till Monday, three devastating earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, killing more than 4300 people. Now, the fourth earthquake of a 5.6 magnitude struck the central Turkey region.

Thousands of people were injured and lost their homes in this tragedy. Many countries across the world, including India, are sending relief teams and supplies to the earthquake-hit regions. Reportedly, more than 14000 people have been injured in Turkey and 3411 people were injured in Syria.

The confirmed death toll of the two countries stands at more than 4365 as of now. It is reported that the death toll will rise up to 20,000 in the next few days. The largest tremor was measured at a massive 7.8-magnitude. According to the reports, more than 5,600 buildings have been flattened across several cities in both countries.

The first quake hit the Nurdagi region in Gaziantep province, the Syrian border. The other two quakes hit nearby Kahramanmaraş province.

Turkey is one of the most active earthquake zones in the world. The last time the country was hit by an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude, around 33,000 people were killed. Experts warn there are still chances of tremors happening in the next couple of days.