Hyderabad Rains: Check Out The Logout Timings Of IT Companies

In light of the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) forecast of heavy rains for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Madhapur Zone, has issued an advisory to IT companies in the Cyberabad area. The advisory urges these companies to implement staggered timings for their employees to alleviate traffic congestion exacerbated by incessant downpours.

To ensure a smooth flow of traffic and avoid gridlocks, the following schedule will be put into effect for companies specified in the advisory:

Phase 1 (3.00 PM):

Companies situated on the IKEA to Cyber Towers Road
All companies located in Raheja Mindspace
All companies situated in Pheonix (Madhapur / Kondapur Avance, Dell, Oracle, Qualcomm, Tech Mahindra)
All companies located in Purva Summit, Watermark, and other IT companies and IT parks along this stretch.

Phase 2 (4.30 PM):

IKEA & surrounding to Bio-Diversity and Raidurgam
All companies located in Knowledge City
All companies located in Knowledge Park
T Hub
All companies located in Galaxy, LTI & Twitza
All companies located in Commerzóme
All companies located in RMZ Nexity
All companies located in Skyview 10 & 20
All companies located in Diyashree Orion
All companies located in Ascendas, and other companies and IT Parks in this area.

Phase 3 (3.00-6.00 PM):

Financial District
All companies located in BSR IT park
All companies located in Waverock
Sattva Capital
Cap Gemini
All companies located in GAR
Franklin Templeton
All companies located in Q City
All companies located in DLF, and other companies and IT Parks in this area.

The staggered timings aim to reduce the concentration of employees traveling to and from work during peak hours, ultimately lessening traffic congestion and mitigating the impact of heavy rains on transportation in the region.

As a precautionary measure, the Cyberabad Police have also announced two days of holidays for educational institutions due to the anticipated heavy rains. Residents in low-lying areas of Telangana have been warned about a moderate risk of flash flooding during this period.

By adhering to the advisory and implementing staggered timings, IT companies in the Madhapur Zone demonstrate their commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees and the community at large. These coordinated efforts are expected to ease the traffic situation and minimize disruptions caused by the inclement weather.