Man Throws Slipper on Superstar At Vijaykanth’s Funeral

Tamil superstar Vijay faced an unsettling incident during the funeral of his mentor, Vijaykanth, on December 28. As he paid his final respects, the actor was surrounded by a chaotic crowd and media frenzy, leading to an uncomfortable situation. Despite police and security efforts, Vijay appeared visibly hassled and emotional.

In the midst of the commotion, some individuals in the crowd touched the actor, and to add to the distress, a slipper was thrown at Vijay as he tried to enter his car. Fortunately, his security team intercepted the slipper and returned it to its source.

This incident has left fans and the public dismayed, with social media posts emphasizing the importance of restraint and dignity, even during moments of grief. The untimely disruption serves as a reminder of the challenges celebrities face and the need for fans to exhibit appropriate behavior, particularly during sensitive events like funerals.

Vijaykanth, founder of the DMDK party, passed away at The Miat Hospital in Chennai on Thursday morning, prompting various personalities, including Vijay, to pay their respects at the funeral. The incident has sparked discussions about maintaining decorum and respect during public events involving celebrities.