Alert: Don’t Give ‘Lift’ To This Lady

In Hyderabad, a young woman has been engaging in a troubling practice of soliciting rides from passers-by, amassing a substantial amount of money through threats.

Claiming to be an advocate well-versed in legal sections, she employs intimidation tactics. A recent incident involved a victim who offered her a lift from Jubilee Hills check post to KBR Park.

Once inside the vehicle, the woman immediately resorted to threats, coercing the driver into giving her money. Shockingly, she escalated the situation by tearing her clothes and threatening to file a false rape case if her demands were not met. Fearing the consequences, the victim complied with all her demands.

Prompted by this alarming incident, the driver lodged a complaint with the Jubilee Hills police. Subsequently, Kiladi Syeda Naeema Sultana (32) was arrested under IPC section 389.

Further investigations revealed a staggering total of 17 cases involving the Kiladi Lady across various police stations in the city. It was uncovered that she had maliciously filed cases against numerous innocent individuals.