The Dead Ain’t Deading: Urfi Javed’s Satire On Poonam Pandey

Internet sensation Poonam Pandey pulled a prank of being dead and shocked the nation for a day. She now came back alive calling it a feat to create awareness on cervical cancer. Though the search for cervical cancer spiked up in a day, the stunt by Poonam Pandey is being severely criticized.

Amidst this, another sensation Urfi Javed threw a satire at Poonam Pandey’s death prank. Urfi Javed posted a picture of herself in hangover and winking on bed as she writes, ‘Hi guys I’m not dead , just spreading awareness about hangovers . When you’re drinking , you feel so alive , the next day , you feel dead 💀 but you don’t really die . Sorry the dead ain’t deading’.

There were many people who did not really believe the news that said Poonam Pandey died. There were many questions and doubts all over the internet and as expected Poonam Pandey claimed she was alive. Rakhi Sawant reacted strongly to Poonam Pandey’s fake death and now Urfi Javed has come up with a satire.

Meanwhile, other film celebrities like Rahul Vaidhya responded to her cheap PR stunt aying, ‘And I was right!! Now that Poonam is alive I can surelt say RIP PR/merketing. New low of creating a sensational/viral campaign .. welcome to KALYUG.’

Aly Goni said, ‘ F*king cheap publicity stunt it was nothing else.. u guys think it’s funny ? U and ur PR team should be boycotted.’