Never Thought He Would Get Into An Affair -Chandu’s Wife

Other day it came out that TV actor Chandrakanth alias Chandu, who is the lead actor in a couple of TV serials like Trinayani alongside recently deceased actress Pavitra Jayaram, has committed suicide. In the flat where Pavitra used to reside, Chandu has reportedly taken his life. Within some minutes, people started to speak greatly about the love affair of Pavitra-Chandu, but then, there is another side to this. 

However, it has come out that both Pavitra and Chandu have got married to other people earlier, and Pavitra has two sons from her husband, while Chandu has an 8-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son from his marriage to Shilpa. Speaking with the media today, Shilpa stated that she and Chandu had been courting each other for 11 years before getting married. After marriage, she even helped him set up a business. But later he got into TV serials and then his affair with Pavitra started, changing their lives forever. 

“Never thought that he would get into an affair with someone else as for him I’m the world. Because of Pavitra Jayaram, we grew apart, and he even hated to see my face later on. As he’s not happy with me, I’ve asked Chandu to stay happy and healthy with Pavitra, but I don’t know what has happened. Even after Pavitra’s death, he came to our house but hasn’t spoken to me, as we have not been on talking terms for the last 4 years. For the sake of our children, I asked him to stay with us leaving Pavitra’s death aside, but he has cheated my kids forever now by killing himself” said Shilpa, with tears rolling from her eyes. 

Well, sometimes it is tough to take sides for anyone, but then, killing oneself really leaves the living handicapped forever.