Babu Gogineni Calls Jr NTR ‘Donga Relative’

Activist, Humanist and also #BiggBoss contestant Babu Gogineni is known for his critical remarks on many folks. For the way astrologer Venu Swamy posted an apology video after the election results, as his predictions failed big time, Babu Gogineni must have celebrated a lot. However, the activist also targeted Jr NTR in his latest post.

Calling that Jr NTR a ‘Donga Chuttam’, a ‘fake relative’ in literal meaning, Babu Gogineni criticised the global star for his congratulatory tweet for Chandrababu and other Nandamuri family members.

Gogineni said, “He was a hero who did not have the guts to criticize when the then Chief Minister (read YS Jagan) removed the name of NTR from Health University, whose name the hero also carries”, and belittled the fans of Tarak for sure.

Earlier, Jr NTR put up a tweet, calling Naidu as Mavayya, and Balayya as Baabai and wished them on getting victory in the elections. NTR fans however pointed out that whether for YS Jagan’s government in 2019 or for Revanth Reddy’s government in 2024, Jr NTR never put up a tweet, and that shows that he is always with Telugudesam Party only.