Two Days To Go, But No Theatres For Nayanthara?

Superstar Nayanthara is all kicked up as her next film “Connect” is making it to theatres. Unlike some of her recent movies that have seen a direct OTT release, this horror film directed by Ashwin Saravanan of Maya and Game Over fame is hitting the cinemas first. That’s not all, with just two days for the release (Release Date: 22-12-22), the film is said to be struggling to connect to exhibitors.

Like we have revealed it already, “Connect” is just 90 minutes long and the director wants the audience to see the film in Hollywood style without an interval. While multiplex owners and Telugu exhibitors are okay with this, Tamilnadu theatres are not in the mood to entertain the concept. They have already stated that their income (profits) comes from the canteen sales during the interval and if the makers don’t plan the interval, what’s the point of releasing a film. The latest report is doing that nearly 50% of the theatres the film has chosen for screening in Tamilnadu are yet to give clearance for the release.

With Vignesh Shivan having some close contacts with the people in power in Tamilnadu, right now consultations are being made to convince the exhibitors for the release of the film. Even Nayanthara has changed her stance and promoted the movie big time in Kollywood as well as Tollywood such that “Connect” will find maximum connection with the audience.