NTR , Allu Arjun Most Favourite: Janhvi Kapoor

Bollywood star heroine Janhvi Kapoor got candid. In an exclusive conversation with Gulte, she shared her views on various issues. She reminisced about her mom and legendary actress Sridevi, her South connection, her favourite actors and filmmakers in South, her most awaited South debut, her fascination for food, culture and a lot more. Excerpts are below.

Talking about offers from South and her much awaited debut, Janhvi shares, “There have been several offers. But unfortunately, for some reason or the other reason, I couldn’t. There was a date issue, there were some complications. We have to keep in mind the past couple of years were gone with the Covid. So, a lot of the pending work is being completed. Definitely, looking for something.” On regional films, Janhvi adds, “I’m really hoping & praying it will happen soon.”

“Jr NTR is an immensely talented and very charming actor. I saw RRR and then I went back and watched his work in Janatha Garage. He’s got such swagger. I’m a fan like most of the country is,” shares Janhvi who is all praise for Tarak. Janhvi doesn’t mince her words when it comes to appreciating the talent in the South. 

About Kantara, Janhvi says, “I’ve clearly become a fan of Rishab Shetty. What he has performed in the last 30 minutes of Kantara is so special.” She added, “look at what happened with Kantara. It was so specific to that town in that region and their religious practices, but it resonated so deeply with everyone. Because they really showed their world with truth and scale. It was short in a village, but there was such scale to the emotion, to the feeling, to the euphoria” 

The two actors and filmmakers who Janhvi wants to work with are from the South. Pat comes reply from her. “Jr NTR and Allu Arjun sir, I want to work with. Janatha Garage director Koratala Siva sir and Sukumar sir are two directors with whom I want to work.” 

Janhvi’s tryst with Hyderabad and the food. “Hyderabad has always been a stopover on my way to Tirupati. I had covered my face and went to Chor bazaar and I had Kebabs & Biryani. I got to taste the best food there.” Janhvi has been vocal about her love for South and its culture where her roots are from. She says she is very much comfortable in the South. 

Elaborating on why she gets connected to South easily, Janhvi says, “I actually think I’m more Aippan than I am Kapoor. I feel comfort and security in Dharan. The minute I meet someone who is South Indian who has that accent or who says something in that language, I just automatically feel like this person I like the most. This person is my best friend. I think modesty, humbleness, dignity, respect, humour and talent are all of these things I just find in a comfort level with south indians.”

Recalling moments with her mom Sridevi, Janhvi shares, “I haven’t seen many of her original works. Every time we’d watch movies at home, she was always there. And she used to hate watching herself. So every time her song would come or every time her film would come, ‘ayyo ayyo change change.’ So we never ended up watching a lot of  her films.” About her mom pairing up with both senior stars and their sons, “She (Sridevi) was 13 when she was heroine to fathers and 21 when she’s heroine to sons. It was actually very wrong but that’s how it was back then.”