Bollywood Producer Denied Share To Telugu Star?

In recent times, many Telugu stars are busy asking for a share in the project no matter how much the producer is investing. The likes of Mahesh Babu, Raviteja and Megastar Chiru are involving the names of their own production houses along with the producer’s company, and taking home some share, apart from remuneration.

Recently a big Bollywood company has made a big deal with a Telugu superstar for an upcoming project. However, the producer has agreed to a share for the director for the same project but hasn’t agreed to involve the hero’s production company or any other person from hero’s side into the financial aspects of the project. The star hero is said to have tried his best to get his men there, but the Bollywood folks are not even ready to entertain them at any cost.

At the same time, the producer will also be the final decision maker regarding the heroine, music directors and many other aspects of the project along with the director, but the hero will not have huge power in such matters.

However, as the B-town company offered him a mind-blowing remuneration which is 1.5x bigger than what he is getting right now, the star actually agreed to do the film, a source revealed.