Liger Row: Puri & Vijay Deverakonda Silent!

The Telangana exhibitors have taken to the streets owing to hefty losses of Liger. As per the sources, the exhibitors have paid about Rs 15 crore as advance to Liger distributor Warangal Sreenu towards Liger movie. The exhibitors claim that as much as Rs 9 crore loss is incurred. There are about 83 exhibitors in Telangana who incurred the total loss of Rs 9 crore and demands the compensation of Rs 9 crore from director-producer Puri Jagannadh and Charmi. The whole issue is snowballing into major controversy as exhibitors are protesting outside the Film Chamber demanding compensation.

Meanwhile, Puri Jagannadh is totally silent on the issue. Earlier, Puri had assured to compensate the loss and announced it publicly. However, some exhibitors tried to attack Puri, which he found very rude and absurd. Since then, Puri has reportedly decided to not respond on the issue. He also filed a police case against some of them. 

Now, Liger exhibitors are demanding hero Vijay Deverakonda to respond on the issue. As Chiranjeevi returned his remuneration for Acharya and compensated the exhibitors and distributors, the Telangana exhibitors who incurred loss with Liger are demanding similar compensation from the film’s hero Vijay Deverakonda. The exhibitors argue that they had paid exorbitant advance amounts keeping the stardom of Vijay Deverakonda into consideration. As the film bombed at the box office, the exhibitors wants Puri and Vijay to settle their losses. They are also issuing warnings to Vijay’s Kushi and Puri’s Double Ismart. 

However, Vijay Deverakonda and team are reportedly distanced from the whole issue. Interestingly, Vijay also did not receive his compensation for Liger fully. So, Vijay himself has totally distanced from Liger row. Overall, Puri and Vijay’s silence has become a talking point in the whole issue. Tollywood’s big wigs have stepped into the issue and are trying to resolve the issue amicably. But it looks like Puri and Charmi are not responding at this juncture. More details are awaited.