Rana – The Forerunner Of Telugu Cinema

Rana Daggubati is a man of many talents and he is much more than an actor and producer. The man from the legendary film family of Rama Naidu has become the prominent man behind the Telugu cinema spreading its wings across the world. Not many know that Rana has emerged as one of the strong pillars in expanding Telugu cinema to the international level.

The super-talented man knows the film business better than any other contemporary actor. From initiating the production of small sensational films like C/o Kanacharapalem to bringing the proper scale and fame in the international lands for films like Baahubali and Project K, the Rana played a great role.

Rana is the person who made Baahubali become enormous in the Bollywood circuit with his known contacts. Even the latest event of Project K – Kalki 2898 AD’s debut at the San Diego Comic-Con has Rana’s hand in coordination and helped the producers Aswini Dutt, Swapna, and Priyanka in the smooth run of the Kalki glimpse launch. The man led the team with his conversation, and introduction and controlled the entire event with ease. Rana’s love for comics and the knowledge of events like Comic-Con made the team of Project K have a cakewalk during the glimpse launch of Kalki.

Rana’s spontaneity during the Kalki 2898 AD glimpse event at the San Diego Comic-Con is accoladed by many. When a question was shot at Prabhas about Project K, Rana helped Prabhas stay at ease while he offered to answer it better and the cheers came up loud when he said, ‘If Baahu doesn’t speak, Bhalla does’.

Not just that, Rana Daggubati is the front face of SIIMA every year. The South Indian International Movie Awards recently celebrated a decade after its launch and Rana has been the curtain raiser and strong support of the celebration every year. Rana has been the face of many international Telugu film events.

Rana also unveiled his film, TV, and comic-book projects with a variety of partners at the prestigious Comic-con. That includes Hiranyakashyap being developed by Spirit Media and directed by Trivikram, Lord Of The Deccan based on the Chalukya dynasty, and the Superhero comic of Minnal Murali.

Coming from a family of film production and acting, Rana has the advantage of exploring the options but he has taken Telugu cinema to multiple levels higher with his intellect, risk, and unconventional mindset. The people who know Rana say that this is all just the tip of the iceberg and he has many more giant ideas coming to action soon. The man does not just evolve but also brings fellow actors and filmmakers in Telugu up with his innovations.

Rana usually calls his besties ‘chief’, but looks like he is the chief and forerunner for all. Telugu cinema and Indian cinema will flourish and take many leaps to compete with the West in entertainment with people like Rana in the lead. Let us see what he has next in store.